The School of International Economics and Trade holds a master's degree thesis defense meeting for international students in China
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  From May 15th to 16th, the School of International Business and Economics held the 2021 international business master's degree thesis defense meeting. A total of 51 international students majoring in international business with a master's degree in 2019 participated in the defense, divided into 6 defense groups (including 3 overseas groups).

  The defense committee chaired by Professor Chen Mianshui of Jiangxi Normal University, researcher Wang Jian of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce, and Guo Zhouming, researcher of China Business Press. The members are Professor Yuan Honglin, Professor Wang Xiaoping, Professor Xu Tongsheng, Professor Wu Chaoyang, Professor Zhang Xifeng, Professor Huang Xianming, Professor Li Xinwu, Professor Tu Yuanfen,Professor Dai Zhimin of Nanchang University, Professor Wang Ziqiang of Nanchang Institute of Technology, Professor Li Dongwei of East China Jiaotong University, Associate Professor Liang Hong, Associate Professor Wang Shanlun, Associate Professor Yang Lilin, and Associate Professor Deng Jun of our school.

  This defense will use a combination of online and offline methods and strictly follow the formal defense procedures for graduate thesis.At the defense meeting, the international students gave a brief statement on the meaning of the topic, the framework of the paper, the research ideas, the main content, and the innovations.The members of the defense committee commented and asked questions, and put forward guiding opinions and suggestions on further improving the paper.The international students answered the questions carefully based on the questions raised by the experts. After each group of defenses, the defense committee will discuss and vote. Finally, the defense chairman will summarize the defense of the group of international students' master's degree thesis and report the results.

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