The School of International Economics and Trade successfully completed the pre-defense work for the postgraduates' thesis in China
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Recently, the School of International Economics and Trade has successfully completed the pre-defense work for the postgraduate degree in China. The pre-defense committee members are Professor Yuan Honglin, Vice President, Professor Wang Xiaoping of the School of Economics, Professor Wu Chaoyang, Dean of the School of International Economics and Trade, Professor Zhang Xifeng, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, and Xu Tongsheng, Chief Professor of the School of International Economics and Trade. 47 overseas graduate students majoring in international business in 2019 participated in the pre-defense.

The pre-defense adopts the process and form of formal defense of graduate thesis, divided into 5 defense groups (including 2 overseas groups).Each international student made a brief statement on the significance of the topic, thesis framework, research ideas, main content, innovations, etc. The members of the pre-defense committee commented and asked questions, and the international students answered questions raised by experts.

 Yuan Honglin pointed out in the comments that when writing a thesis, graduate students should have in-depth content and reflect innovations and difficulties;the writing should be in-depth, the topic and the conclusion should be closely related, and don't deviate from the topic or digress;the conclusion should reflect the practicality, and it is necessary to consider whether the conclusion of the paper can provide experience for the government of one's own country.

 Wang Xiaoping pointed out that in the process of selecting topics for thesis, graduate students should reflect their professional characteristics, pay attention to innovation and timeliness, and do not repeat the research that others have done. As a student majoring in international business, it is necessary to focus on the major itself and focus on case analysis in writing.

 Experts also commented and guided from the perspective of the format and layout of the paper.

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