Mofcom foreign Aid 2020 Master of International Business Program opening ceremony
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Recently, the online opening ceremony of the 2020 MOFCOM International Business Master program sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and undertaken by our university was held in the south area of Jiaoqiao Garden.Deng Hui, President of JUFE and Chen Runyun, Vice President of Academy of International Business Officials (AIBO) attended the ceremony and deliver speeches separately.Ha Yu, Director of Management Division of MOCOM Training Center;Economic & Commercial Counsellor,Embassy of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Zimbabwe and Nigeria,Wang Qian, Representative of Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe,Zheng Shuchao, Representative of the Economic and Commercial Section of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria,Luo Shihua, Dean of Graduate School of JUFE;Xiao Long, Director of office of International Exchange and Cooperation;Ye Weihua, Dean of Overseas Education School and 30 postgraduate students from 20 countries and regions attended the ceremony.The ceremony was presided over by Wu Chaoyang, Dean of School of International Trade and Economics.

Deng Hui, on behalf of the University, thanked MOFCOM international Business Officer Training Institute for its long-term support for the development of the university's international education and international business talent training, and extended warm welcome and congratulations to all the 2020 Foreign Aid Masters who successfully passed the selection and admission.He introduced that JUFE has the school history and educational characteristics of innovative and entrepreneurial talents with the motto of “Honesty, Vitality, Integrity and Tenacity”, and the philosophy of “Dedication, Harmony and Perfection”.It also depicts a beautiful picture of JUFE’s people actively building a high-level university of finance and Economics with solid foundation, distinctive features, people's satisfaction and international fame, and striving to realize JUFE's dream of "century-old university".Finally, he expressed three wishes to all the new students : First, I hope that you can cherish this opportunity of learning and exchange, and work hard in the next two years of study, so that you can graduate successfully and leave a good memory; Second, I hope that you will have the opportunity to come to China, visit JUFE and have an in-depth understanding of the real China with your own experience and personal feelings. Third, I hope you will respect each other's culture and beliefs, build profound friendship, tell the world the real China, and jointly build a bridge between the peoples of the world.

Chen Runyun, on behalf of the Ministry of Commerce and the Institute of International Business Officials Training, extended his sincere greetings to the 2020 freshmen, their families, friends and the government for supporting their study in China, and thanked Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics for hosting them.Chen Runyun pointed out that this year is an extraordinary year, and the international community urgently needs to join hands to address many common challenges at a time of century-old changes and overlapping shocks of COVID-19. As the largest developing country in the world, China, guided by the principles of peaceful development and mutual benefit, is unswervingly committed to promoting cooperation and common development among other countries, sharing its experience, wisdom and solutions with other developing countries, and working for the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.He said that As long as you have a responsible mind, you will keep forging ahead and the students are encouraged to cherish the valuable opportunity of exchange and learning in JUFE and apply what they have learned to their work after graduation, so as to better serve the economic and social development of their own countries and contribute to world peace and development together with China.

Mr. KOROMA PRINCE MOMOH from Sierra Leone and Ms. JESSIKA CHRISTOPHE from the Bahamas spoke as representatives of the class of 2020.“IF YOU ARE PLANNING FOR A YEAR,SOW RICE. IF YOU ARE PLANNING FOR A DECADE,PLANT TREES,IF YOU ARE PLANNING FOR A LIFETIME,EDUCATE PEOPLE”.In their words, they reveal the importance of education to the overall development of individuals and the significance and value of social progress. At the same time, they thanked the Ministry of Commerce and Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics for giving them the precious opportunity to learn professional knowledge. They said that they would make good study plans, learn professional knowledge and improve professional quality with full enthusiasm, hard work and strong perseverance, and apply what they have learned to their own practice and the exchanges between the two countries.

Even though thousands of mountains apart, a small lens but close each other's hearts. And all participants thumbs up to record this precious beautiful picture.

It is reported that Since September 2008, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics began to undertake the Ministry of Commerce's foreign aid training program for government officials from developing countries. In the past 13 years, the School of International Business and Economics has completed 19 short training projects covering six major areas, including financial risk, financial and economic management, teacher training, iron and steel enterprise management, senior financial management and budget preparation. The training program theme gradually diversified: from single financial and economic management to financial and economic management, taking into account the government budget, senior financial management and other diversified direction of continuous development; The "circle of friends" of the recipient countries is getting wider: from Asian and African countries to Europe, South America, Oceania and other countries, the recipient countries have trained more than 650 government officials at the provincial, ministerial and department levels for 86 developing countries (international organizations).

In 2015, our school became the only training institution in Jiangxi province to undertake the degree program of foreign aid training. 129 students from 28 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America have been awarded master's degree in international business. Due to the impact of the global epidemic, the foreign aid program for the 2020 Class of Master of International Business has entered online teaching in early September 2021. The foreign Aid program for the class of 2021 will begin in September 2022.(Edited by Teng Jiahui,OIE)

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