2021 MoFCOM Spring Reunion for Foreign Students
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On February 4, the School of International Business and Economics (UIBE) organized a Chinese New Year reunion for international students ahead of the 2021 Spring Festival. Wu Chaoyang, the dean; Huang Xianming, the vice dean; the international students counselor and the international students majoring in international Business in the Department of Commerce of the University of 2019 had a happy gathering to exchange New Year's greetings and talk about a bright future.

On the day of the activity, the faculty representatives and international students arranged the conference room in a cheerful and festive manner. They hung lanterns and pasted "Fu" to welcome the arrival of the New Year in a traditional way.

At the meeting, Wu chaoyang, on behalf of the School and the University, sent New Year's greetings to all the international students. He thanked every international student who had been united and friendly in the past year and worked hand in hand to overcome the epidemic. He hoped that everyone would be safe, healthy and prosperous in the New Year. At the same time, he introduced the Chinese custom culture and the meaning and symbol of the Year of the Ox to all the foreign students present. He hoped that you could make good use of the winter holiday, experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture while studying hard, and have a meaningful and beautiful holiday.

Later, the college leaders distributed "Spring Festival gift packages" and "epidemic prevention and health packages" to the students who participated in the reunion, to send them warmth and security. In the happy and harmonious atmosphere, SHAMUNAISSAH, an international student from Ghana, said that although he was in a foreign country and could not return to China to reunite with his family, the college gave him warm gifts and care, and he personally felt the company of his relatives and the warmth of home. All the students said that they would try their best to learn Chinese and become friendly ambassadors of cultural exchanges between China and other countries.

According to the relevant requirements of the Training Center of the Ministry of Commerce on the safety of foreign aid training during the Spring Festival, the School of International Business and Economics will continue to do a good job in providing warm services to foreign students, so that they can have a happy, peaceful, healthy and safe New Year.

(Edited by Teng Jiahui, OIE)

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