International Students perform at the 2020 Jiangxi TV new year Gala
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    The prestigious 2020 New year Gala hosted and organized by Jiangxi TV took place on the 12th of January, at the Nanchang Hongzhou gymnasium. A host of our students from various countries were represented at this event such as Nigeria, Brazil, Guinea, Afghanistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Morocco and Pakistan taking the tally to a total of 13 international students who got invited to perform at this event.


     Our foreign students rehearsed, interacted and performed gracefully alongside some of the Chinese stars as they delivered a heartwarming and enthusiastic routine to the famous songs “China” and “Old town cloud”. Their performance led to a resounding applause and gratitude from the audience due to the seamless execution, a strong indication of approval and praise from the happy guests. This event broadened and expanded the understanding of our students in their knowledge of the Chinese culture and work ethic as they participated in the very tedious rehearsals while gaining a first hand experience of all the work that goes on behind the scene. After their performance, paparazzi and several TV crews from different stations invited our students for an interview which turned out to be a lot of fun. One of the foreign students named TAYO said “ I am happy to be a part of this event, I believe I made the right decision in choosing Jiangxi as my choice destination for Study and life in general. The people are great, welcoming and the variety of food cuisine is refreshing. I wish every one a happy new year of the rat and thank you to Jiangxi TV for inviting us”.

     Our international students expressed further that the event was a memorable one for them, fun filled, a life lesson on dedication and hard work due to the countless hours and days put into the rehearsals and the hard work of everyone involved in making the show successful. They hope to take back this wealth of information and apply it to their lives and countries in the nearest future. Jiangxi TV sent their regards and appreciation to our international students for their sacrifice and professionalism during the event, they were very grateful.

     The Overseas Education School is very proud that our students are privileged to experience such cultural integration and we will continue to strive in providing such opportunities to create positive memorable experiences on and off campus for our international students.


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