How can we improve our psychological immunity in the face of the epidemic?
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Dear students,

How are you? You all must be worried about the new outbreak of the corona virus infection. There’s anxiety, panic, feeling of sadness and helplessness. Even though you are far away from the epidemic area, you are still afraid of this epidemic every day and rightly so.

Don't be worried! The only thing that can bring us down is our self. However, how best can we deal with our inner fears at such a special time?

1. De-stress yourself

In the face of an epidemic, we are prone to anxiety, irritability, worry, fear, anger, poor appetite, poor sleep and confusion. If the intensity of these emotions increases, or if they last a long time, or if they come at you very frequently, you can try these tips below:


a. Talk to close friends via social media; WeChat, QQ and phone calls. Communicating your thoughts with others is a good way to relieve some emotions.

b. Do some indoor exercises every day, such as aerobics.

c. Explore your interests or hobbies and try to find something you enjoy doing.

d. Read some books and try to calm yourself down.

e. Eat three meals a day. Go to bed early to bed and get enough sleep. Be positive. 

2. Take in only positive or verified information to alleviate bad mood

Due to the flooding of false information on most platforms, unverified information might bring uneasiness, anxiety and even panic. This can affect your mood and feelings. Paying attention to only positive or verified information will be very helpful for your general well-being. To all kinds of hearsay or folk prescription, prudent judgment is needed. This is one of the most effective methods of reduce fear and anxiety to preserve your mental well-being.


   3. Prepare for the situation and try to cope with the changes

Jiangxi university of finance and economics issued a notice on the 28th of January to cancel the scheduled start date of the new semester to prevent and control the outbreak of the virus in accordance with the notice from the Ministry of Education of China. Our arrangements and plans for the New Year and the new semester will be disrupted and the resulting sense of insecurity and loss of control affects everyone. Anticipating these changes in advance will make it easier to cope with the situation such as making arrangements and preparations, keeping an open communication line with teachers and classmates, timely consideration of relevant school information as of when shared such as when to return to school or making arrangements for the purchase of tickets.

In the face of this epidemic, take good care of yourself, love and care for others, pay attention to physical and mental health. Share only positive feelings and support each other.


 February 1,2020


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