School of International Trade and Economics organized a field survey trip for the International Students
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  In order to help international students to understand Chinese business opportunities and developments, acquiring knowledge of the Chinese business market, China's customs and culture, to learn Chinese traditional culture and history, the School of International Trade and Economics organized a three days long Market survey trip for international students who are studying at the Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics.

  From November 20 to 22, overall cooperation and foreign aid from the Ministry of Commerce of China, the School of International Trade and Economics organized this trip for the international students. During this time, students visited Fuzhou and Shangrao city in Jiangxiprovince.

  Prof. Huang Xianming, deputy dean of the school of international trade and economics, Prof. Chen Qi, dean of the International Business Department, and the relevant staff of the Overseas Education Office participated to this event. Besides that 46 international students from 20 countries and regions including Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Ghana, Bangladesh and Morocco participated in this Market surveytrip.

  During the market survey in Fuzhou city, the students visited Jiangxi Boya Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Zhenshiming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhuolang Fuzhou Digital Economy Industrial Base and other well-known local enterprises. They also visited Fuzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and Tang Xianzu MemorialHall.

  On the morning of November20th,when the students went to visit in Boya Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the responsible person of the company introduced the company's development history, corporate culture and business development results to the foreign student delegation. And then he demonstrated production process of the company's various blood products. Afterward, the delegations visited Jiangxi Zhenshiming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. After the enthusiastic introduction of the company by the instructor, the international students had a strong interest in ophthalmic drugs and began to learn about eye drops, hot compress eye masks, eye patches, and eyewashes. They also learned the usage and effects of various eye drops. At the same time, international students carefully observed easy-to-understand production, sales networks, and flowcharts.They further studied the B2B and B2C sales systems, and how to build controllable B2B, B2C e-commerce distribution channels. Through the inspection and investigation of two pharmaceutical companies, the international students felt the powerful promotion effect of technological innovation on the development of pharmaceuticalcompanies.

  On the afternoon of November20th, the delegation visited Zhuolang Fuzhou Digital Economy Industrial Park. The international students visited the Zhuolang Cloud Computing Data Center, Company's project exhibition hall, Sunshine Command Hall, and the big data center. They observed the company's cloud computing, big data, intelligent manufacturing, and other technologies. After the visit, the international students expressed that they had a deeper understanding of the big data and information technology industry through this study tour. They also realized the importance of the development of the information technology industry to economic and social development in the era of bigdata.

  On the morning of November21st, the delegation visited the Tang Xianzu Memorial Hall in Fuzhou city. The staff of the venue introduced the life of Tang Xianzu, known as the Oriental Shakespeare, and his Four Dreams of Linchuan (Purple Hairpin, Handan, Nanke, and Mudan Pavilion). After watching excerpts of the poignant love story between Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei in the Peony Pavilion, the international students admired Tang Weng's magnificent story structure and plot, and at the same time deeply felt the charm of traditional Chineseopera.

  Afterward, the delegations visited the Fuzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. The foreign students stopped in front of the landmark buildings in Fuzhou in the large-scale artistic lacquer paintings. They scrambled to photograph the white and elegant flowers of Fuzhou City. During the visit to Fuzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, the delegations observed the Fuzhou sand table, watched 5D movies immersively, understood the development history, contemporary achievements and future directions of Fuzhou's urban planning from multiple perspectives, wide dimensions, and all-round. From the planning map of Fuzhou City, they knew the vicissitudes of Fuzhou's vicissitudes of life, and they felt incredible about the rapid development of Fuzhou's urbanconstruction.

  At the end of the activities in Fuzhou city, the international students not only felt the beauty of ancient Chinese literary works but also appreciated the rapid development of modern cities. Although exhausted, the students were expressing the hope that there would be more opportunities to explore ancient China Cultural imprint, to track the pace of Chinese urbandevelopment.

  On the afternoon of November21st, the delegations started the journey towards Shangrao city in Jiangxi province. After several hours of bus journey, the foreign students finally arrived for inspection and condolences at poverty alleviation village Qiaoting, Hongqiao Township, Qianshan County, Shangrao city, sponsored by Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. Under the leadership of Kuang Renxiang, the first secretary of the village, the international students visited Qiaoting Village’s E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Workshop, the Party and Mass Service Center, and the Qiaoting Village’s New Era Civilization Practice Station. Before leaving, the international students exchanged greetings with local villagers in simple Chinese and took photostogether.

  Noted that Chinese President Xi Jinping once proposed Jiangxi should take a path where economic development and ecological civilization complement each other, create Jiangxi a model for ecological civilizationconstruction.

  During the inspection and investigation in Shangrao City, the delegation visited the Shangrao Concentration Camp Revolutionary Martyrs Monument Memorial Hall on the morning of22ndNovember. The former site of Maojialing Prison received education in revolutionary traditions and experienced the great spirit of the proletarian revolutionary martyrs who fearlessly sacrificed and fought bravely for the liberation of the Chinese nation.

  One by one vivid photos, one real scene, one by one exhibited objects vividly tell the tragic and heroic deeds of the Chinese Communist Party's revolutionary patriots who would rather die than surrender heroically fighting the enemy. It fully demonstrates the arduous struggles of the revolutionary patriots, the national justice of tempering and sublimation. In a heavy atmosphere, the overseas students followed the footprints of revolutionary martyrs and felt the glorious course of the Communist Party ofChina.

  During the three days field trip, the international students deeply experienced the enthusiasm and charm of Fuzhou and Shangrao city in Jiangxi province. They expressed admiration for the rapid economic development, beautiful ecological environment, and profound cultural heritage of Jiangxi province. They all expressed that they will continue to understand and perceive China in their future learning and practicalactivities.


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