Teachers and students of International Trade and Economics celebrate the 70th anniversary of China together
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  On the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, teachers and students of the School of International Trade and Economics express their love for the motherland in variousways.

  On the afternoon of September 30, the school organized more than 30 party members and activists to watch the movie "My country and I", which tells a story about the close relationship between the general public and the country. It focuses on the seemingly distant but actually close relationship between the small people and the country under the big times and big events, and wakes up the common memory of the global Chinese. "My motherland and I can't be separated for a moment". All the teachers and students of the school are very interested in watching the film, and they are filled with emotion in the whole story. This film watching activity has aroused the patriotism in the hearts of everyone, and the national pride has also left a deep imprint in everyone's hearts, which has inspired everyone to turn their patriotic enthusiasm into practical actions of hard work, hard study and serving themotherland.

  In the early morning of October 1, the teachers and more than 100 students of the school of International Trade and Economics came to the rising square early in the morning. They were in a neat line, waiting quietly for the seven o'clock flag raising ceremony. At seven o'clock, with the solemn and majestic national anthem resounding across the campus, the bright five-star red flag is rising in the attention of teachers and students, flying in the wind in the bright sun, which ignites the patriotic enthusiasm of teachers andstudents.

  On the morning of October 1, the school organized teachers and students to watch the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China on TV. More than 30 teachers and students watched the live broadcast in the conference room of the college. Teachers and students on the subway, train, dormitory and library also sent photos and feelings of watching the live broadcast. In addition, in order to let the overseas students understand China more comprehensively and intuitively, the school also organized overseas students to watch the live broadcast of the celebration through the Chinese internationalchannel.

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