International students won the silver medal in 2019 Global Brand Planning Competition
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​  On June 9, the2019GlobalBrandPlanningCompetition,organized by the global Chinese marketingalliance,was held at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Nearly 300 representatives from 12 countries and regions including China, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Bangladesh, Albania, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Rwanda and Taiwan of China gathered toparticipate.

      The JUFE dragonteam,led byProfessorHuangXianming,composed of ALBIOLA VORFI, KATERYNA MAMUTA, ARTUR TSOY and ELYASDEHISTANI, who were 2016 international undergraduate students from School of International Trade and Economics, along with the students from countries along the Belt andRoad,joined the competition and finallyawarded the silver medal withtheirworks "TELLHOW Power Brand PlanninginKazakhstan".

      The competition invited experts from Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand to serve as judges. It not only promoted the quality of our school, but also promoted the communication between our students and the youth along the"OneBeltOneRoad". TheSchoolofInternationalTrade andEconomics has always attached importance to the quality of runningtheschool.In international education, we adhere toeducationalqualityand insist onstandard management,we also pay attention to the branding campaign andalwaystake an active part in theOne Belt One Roadactivities,so astocontribute to the cultivation of international friends who know China, love Chinaandbe friendly toChina.

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