closing ceremony of financial and economic manage
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Closing ceremony of 2019 Seminar on Financial and Economic Management for Developing Countries

On the morning of October 13th, the closing ceremony of "2019 Seminar on Financial and Economic Management for Developing Countries" was held in JUFE, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and undertaken by Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. Wang Xiaoping,vice president of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics attended the closing ceremony. Xiao Long, division chief of Division for International Cooperation and Exchanges, Zong Pinghua, director of the training center of Jiangxi College of Foreign Studies, Wu Chaoyang, dean of the school of International Trade and Economics, and Hu Jianguo, secretary of the Party Committee of School of International Trade and Economics attended the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony was hosted by Liang Hong, director of foreign aid training program.

Wang Xiaoping, on behalf of JUFE, congratulated the 42 participants who had successfully completed their studies. He pointed out that under the background of the "One Belt One Road" initiative and the rapid development and changes of the international economic environment, this seminar closely focused on the theme of "financial and economic management", and detailed introduced the situation of China, the experience of China's economic restructuring since the reform and opening up, the reform of China's fiscal and tax policies, and the evolution of China's foreign trade policy and so on; these introductions helped the participants built up a deep understanding of China's experience in economic and social development, enhance the understanding of China's fiscal policy and economic operation mechanism, which will be conducive to deepening the communication and the friendly cooperation between developing countries in the field of financial and economic management. He hoped that the participants would have the opportunity to come back to China and JUFE again to study or exchange, and to be ambassadors of friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries.


Representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Rwanda took the stage in turns to express their thanks to China and all the organizers, they also mentioned that it was such a great time that they will never forget. Not only the grandeur of the G20 Hangzhou summit, the cultural characteristics of Yunqi Technology Town, but also the modernity of Shanghai, and the antique taste of Jingdezhen ceramics and porcelines, were all becoming their unforgettable wonderful time in China. Rutagengwa Christophe, a participant from Rwanda, considered China as his second hometown.

During the seminar, the participants joined in various discussions and exchange activities, and actively cooperated with the Chinese staffs to do all kinds of work well, especially in the process of going out for investigation, the participants and the Chinese staffs helped each other hand in hand and celebrated the National Day in Shanghai together, watched the military parade ceremony of the General Assembly celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and applauded for the development and progress of China.

At the closing ceremony, the participants applauded and shouted "China" from time to time to express their gratitude to China and all the staffs who worked for the seminar. A smile filled the faces of all the participants in the ceremony.

Wang Xiaoping awarded certificates to 42 participants. All the participants held the graduation certificates and took photos with the leaders and teachers joyfully.

For the 21 days training program, we made full use of JUFE's own teaching resources to offer the courses such as: Review and experience of China's economic restructuring; Chinese Opening Up Strategy; China's Trilemma: Independent Monetary Policy, Flexible RMB Exchange Rate and Capital Control; Study on China’s Taxation System; Intergovernmental fiscal relationship in China; Interpretation of One Belt One Road initiation and so on. Meanwhile, experts from Department of Commerce of Jiangxi Province and senior managers of enterprises were specially invited to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences of related topics with all the participants, such as economic construction and development of Jiangxi,  management in opening up of enterprises, and some other relevant fields or topics. What’s more, we organized several visits for participants to the tax or financial bureaus, the foreign and domestic-funded enterprises and the industry zone of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jingdezhen and Wuyuan, so as to help all the participants have a more comprehensively understanding of the current situation of China's economic and social development, deepen their understanding of China's experience and China's model, and promote exchanges and cooperation between China and other developing countries in the field of financial and economic management. During the practical investigation, the participants not only appreciated the beauty of China's natural scenery and the charm of traditional culture, felt the hospitality of the Chinese people, but also witnessed the great changes that have taken place since China's reform and opening up, all of which will become their valuable wealth.


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