Sharing meeting was successfully held for graduates
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​      In order to promote the education and employment work for the graduate students in our school and foster their learning ability so as to help them stay competitive in the future job market. On the evening of May 20th, several excellent students were invited to the the sharing meeting to share their experience during the course of schooling and the job-hunting process. The meeting was presided over by Zou Yuanyuan, a student from 2017 International Business, with the participation of Associate professor Yu Changlong and all the first-year gradute students.
      Sharing from Fan Wenli marked the beginning of the meeting. He said that specialized knowledges and comprehensive quality are the most important traits for a candidate in the job market. He advised us to have a better understanding to the targeted company before applying to it by using his own experience when he faced difficulties during the interview.
      Gao Wei and Lai Anning stressed the preliminary work of the job hunting. Key points should be prominent in the resume as they said. Besides, the importance of a good internship should not be neglected where we can steel ourselves and accumulate enough working experience to lay a foundation for the future work.
     Finally, Xiong Yan shared her feelings and experiences in taking the examination of PHD. She provided precious advice on how to prepare for the exam and select a university. She also mentioned that making the decision for further learning is a hard process that we need to have enough mental preparation, a clear career planning and most importantly the excellent capacity for scientific research.
      The students have benefited a lot from the golden advice. We believe that under the patient guidance, they will have a better tomorrow!
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