President and Vice President gave lectures for the participants from developing countries
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​      Sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and organized by the School of International Economics and Trade, 2018 Seminar on Fiscal and Economic Administration for Developing Countries was successfully held. From May 10th to May 15th, the Party Secretary Wang Qiao and the President Lu Fucai, the Vice Secretary Jiang Jinfa and the Vice President Wang Xiaoping came to the seminar and delivered lectures respectively for the 38 participants from 14 developing countries along the belt and road .
      The leaders of JUFE have attached great importance to the foreign-aid progrmmes during the past few years. With outstanding faculties and first-class facilities, JUFE has made contribution to organizing different kinds of international training programmes and degree programmes, promoting the cooperation and tightening the friendly relationship between China and other developing countries.
      In the class, the leaders selected four themes, namely, "the review and experience of China's economic system", "export-oriented strategy and China's economic development", "China's current macroeconomic situation and problems analysis" and "China's fiscal and tax policy reform", to give the participants a detailed introduction to the new economic normal, new development and new strategies of China in recent years. Investment, foreign exchange, savings, trade, market, capital and tax reform were included in this part. They provided a new way for participants to understand the Chinese market and Chinese society. The lectures were carried out in a friendly and warm atmosphere, and the participants said that the lectures were thought-provoking, through which they could have a better understanding about the Chinese economy and its policies. The participants communicated and interacted actively with the leaders to discuss about the current issues happened in economic field. The lectures were so informative that they won rapturous applause and affirmation from the participants.
      With the 19th CPC National Congress held successfully, the Belt and Road initiative is accepted by more and more countries and regions. In the tide of this era, JUFE will further serve as a bridge to make more and more participants along the belt and road to know more about China.

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