The Tea Ceremony was successfully held
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      On May 13th, the tea ceremony for members of 2018 Seminar on Fiscal and Economic Administration for Developing Countries was successfully held in the School of Tourism and Urban Management.
      At the beginning of the activity, while proceeding with performances, the members of the tea art team introduced the origin of tea culture, the benefits of drinking tea and the procedures of brewing the tea. Their excellent performances and the extensive and profound history of Chinese traditional tea culture attracted the audience a lot.
      Then, a member of the tea team demonstrated to the foreigners about how to brew a cup of green tea by themselves and the manners of delivering the cup of tea. The whole process of brewing and tasting the tea was interesting, joyful and highly intellectual.
      At the end of the ceremony, all foreigners asked to take a photo with the team members and thanked them for their performances. It is reported that the seminar will last about 21 days during which they will have the chances to attend lectures given by the famous professors in JUFE and experience the other Chinese traditional culture and modern culture in Beijing and Shanghai.

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