The Opening Ceremony of Seminar Held
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A grand opening ceremony of the 2014 seminar on economy and finance administration for Zanzibar was held in the lecture hall of F3 of Yizhen builing. Zhang Xifeng, the vice dean of the School of International Trade and Economics, hosted the ceremony.

At the beginning, Li Wenrao, the deputy director-general of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce, made his welcoming speech. In the speech, he placed his hope on this seminar which could be a new cooperation platform, on which trade officials of both countries make academic exchanges so as to accelerate reform and improvement on national finance and economy. In the meantime, the Zanzibari students must be able to feel for themselves the rapid progress of China’s economy and the warm hearts of Chinese.

Following Li, the Vice President Jiang Jinfa made his welcoming speech for the 20 Zanzibari students. He introduced to them the basic situation of our school, the practice of college services’ function and the experience of cadre training. In his promise, students would get perfect teachers, good courses, excellent logistics service and comfortable learning environment.

Strengthening cooperation is one of the most important forms of China’s foreign assistance and so is this seminar. Students are going to attend lectures, participate in research discussions and go to Beijing and Nanchang for field trips in the 21-day term. The basic situation of China and Jiangxi Province, the status of management of China’s development areas, research of the development and update of China’s manufacturing industry, and other course subjects will be recommended to the students. Students can completely understand financial policies via the seminar. Communication and cooperation on economy and finance administration between China and other developing countries can be further strengthened.

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