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Courses Data Explanations for SITE Class
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Courses Data Explanations

School of International Trade and Economics (SITE)

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics





Class Code

       Most course has unique code, some same course have different code only if its academic hours and final exam organizers are different. 


Course Name (original)

       Course original names


Course Names in English

       Course English Translation



       Credits students can earn if mission is accomplished for named course


Total Academic Hours

       Total Teaching hours for named course  (1 teaching hour=45min)


Computer Practicing Hours

       Total hours for operating skills practice expected in computer lab.      



l   Recommend term for student to take named course for home university students

i.e. 1=1st term since entering/ freshmen 1st term students; 5=5th term since entering / junior students.

       Since most Exchange students are juniors and seniors, SITE highly recommends them to take the major/major selectivecourses (marked as 5-8 “terms”) both in Chinese and in Bilingual (Chinese and English).



n   Each term is divided into 3 sections. Namely:

n   1=main term;

u  Spring term: March to July

u  August term: September to Beginning of January

n   2=Two weeks starts right after final exams in spring and August terms

n   3=During summer and winter vacations


No. of Classes per week

       Lecturing Classes per week


Core Course or not

       Core=Core; Blank=non-core


Financial Exam Organizer

       SITE=exams organized by SITE. They start earlier.

       JUFE=exams organized by University. JUFE exams start after SITE exams are finished.


Course type

       (This section should be read together with course type) 

n   Selective: selective for all majors

n   Major selective: recommend course for the named major (see “major” section)

n   Compulsory: mandatory course for all majors

n   Major compulsory: mandatory course for the named major (see “major” section)



       (This section should be read together with course type)

n   i.e. Compulsory (“Course type” section)+All major (“Major” section)=mandatory course for all major students

n   i.e. Compulsory (“Course type” section) + IB (“Major” section)= mandatory course for only IB students



n   Language that will be used through out the semester

n   English: 100% in English

n   Bilingual: English and Chinese combined, depending on the Chinese level of the students

n   Chinese: 100% in Chinese




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