International Collaboration

Foreign-aid programs for developing countries
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Project Description of the Foreign-aid Program


Seminar on Finance and Economy Administration for Developing countries


Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics


In May each year, with duration of 3 weeks



Invited Countries

Developing countries, 1-2 for each

Number of Participants

20-30 persons

Requirements for the Participants


less than 55 years old for higher ranked officials, less than 50 for the lower ones


be healthy, especially no infectious diseases, high blood pressure or disable body


Communicating in English freely


No family members or friends companied during the seminar

Host City

Nanchang, Jiangxi province

Local Temperature


Cities to visit

Beijing, Jingdezhen

Local Temperature

Beijing City is about 5 lower NanchangCity

lower), and that of JingdezhenCity in September is similar to that of Nanchang.



Contact of  the Organizer

Contact Person(s)

Ms. Zhang Xifeng / Mr. Chen Qi


+86-791-8381-6053 / 0791-8380-2645


+86-130-0723-3816 / 139-7910-2891


+86-791- 8380-2645

E-mail;  /

About the Organizer

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE), founded in 1923, is a comprehensive institution of higher learning focusing on economics and management. Internationalization is one highlight of JUFE. Entrusted by Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and Ministry of Finance, JUFE has successfully organized these kinds of seminars since 2007. As for the new programs in the future, JUFE as a whole pay high attention on it as usual, anticipate to hold this program successfully through careful organization and full preparation.

Seminar / Training Course Content

The program includes: lectures on topics related with China’s current situation, courses and experience of China’s reform and opening-up, China’s current economic situation and problems, China’s policies on finance and taxation, China’s policies and ways on banking supervision, Chinese policies for preventing devaluation of international currencies , the inter-governmental fiscal relations in China, RMB exchange rate system and China’s foreign exchange market, Chinese business environment, risks and control of Chinese enterprises’ overseas investment, China’s experience in developing opening-up economy as well as industrial development,  the role of fiscal policy and monetary policy in China’s economy development. etc.




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