Introduction to the Academic research of SIET
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At present, there are two teaching departments in SIET. They are International Trade and E-commerce Management, with a Doctoral degree (international trade), three Master's degrees (international trade, the world economy and international business), two undergraduate majors (international economy and trade, electronic commerce management) and 1 undergraduate innovative undertaking experimental class.


Among them, the international trade is key major of Jiangxi province during the period of the 10th five-year plan" and the 11th five-year plan". International economy and trade is the brand of the ministry education management and universities in Jiangxi province.


In 2007, SIET was approved by the ministry of education to set the "the professional personnel training with three-dimension system of quality oriented innovation experimental area". In 2009, SIET was approved by the ministry of finance to set up the "International trade professional comprehensive qualities and evaluation laboratory".


At present, SIET has been equipped with one provincial level bilingual course known as International Business Negotiation and one provincial excellent quality course as International Trade Practice. While International Marketing, Introduction to China's Foreign Trade and so on won the provincial teaching achievement award. In addition, SIET began to cooperate with Lincoln University of UK to develop a joint-master program in 2006, In 2008, SIET started to undertake the Seminar on Finance and Economics Administration for Developing Countries ", which was approved by the ministry of commerce.


Looking forward to the future, SIET will take the "big business" as its development direction, "business" as the soul, "internationalization" as the aim and fully considering the domestic trade and foreign trade as the trunk. From the further development viewpoint, SIET will master the international business classes, Chinese-foreign joint training projects and the foreign-aid seminars, which will be an important breakthrough for the education internationalization. International academic cooperation would grant SIET with the  "Bachelor, master and doctorial degrees",  which is the coordinated development of ecological group of business, international economy and trade will also striving to make its biggest advantage in Jiangxi, distinguishing feature in the central, and make the academy of sciences become more influential in the country.




  Appendix 1: The existing academic framework of SIET

  Appendix 2: Subject frame in the future of SIET


Levels and majors


Doctoral degree

International trade

International Trade Theory and Policy

International business








Master degree



International trade

International Trade Theory and Policy

International marketing and e-commerce

International trade and the environment

International trade in services


World Economy

International direct investment and multinational companies

Financial markets and international investment and financing practice

Regional economy and national economy


International business (professional degree)

Transnational management

International trade practice

International marketing

International investment and financing

master's programmed Cooperated with Lincolnuniversity of UK

International trade

began to recruit students in 2008

International marketing

Integrated management

Strategic marketing

Bachelor's degree

international economics and trade

Four courses every year

The  provincial level bilingual course: International business negotiation

The provincial excellent courses: International  trade, International trade and practice


one classes every year

Innovative undertaking experimental classes

one class every year

The teaching department

International economy and trade

37 staffs

electronic commerce Management

9 staffs





Professional quality oriented the three dimension system of talent training innovated experimental area

approved by the Ministry of Education in 2007

International trade comprehensive qualities and evaluation laboratory

Approved by the Ministry of Finance approval in  2009


























































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