Lex (Laixun) Zhao
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                                               Lex (Laixun) Zhao
                      Research Institute for Economics & Business, Kobe University
                                             Kobe 657-8501, JAPAN
                      Tel/Fax: 81-78-803-7006, Email: zhao{☃[at]♪}rieb{♪[dot]☃}
                     Education    Ph.D. (August 1993)                 University of Florida     
                                  Field of Concentration:             International Trade 
     Professor, Kobe University, Oct., 2007
     Associate Professor, Kobe University, Apr. 2004
     Associate Professor, Hokkaido University, Apr. 1999
     Associate Professor, Niigata University, Oct. 1997
     Assistant Professor, Otaru University of Commerce, Aug. 1994 Visiting Lecturer, University of Florida,Aug1993 (Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, 2010-2011)
Teaching Experience
    International Economics  (graduate & undergraduate levels) Managerial Economics,
    Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics 
Selected Publications
   "Cross-Hauling Direct Foreign Investment and Unionized Oligopoly," European Economic Review 39, 1995, 1237-1253. 
   "The Complementarity between Endogenous Protection and Foreign Direct Investment," Economics & Politics 8, No.1, 1996, 61-72. 
"The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Wages and Employment," Oxford Economic Papers 50, 1998, 284-301. 
  "Labor-Management Bargaining and Transfer Pricing in Multinational Corporations," Canadian Journal of Economics 31,4, 1998, 817-29. 
  "Decentralization and Transfer Pricing with Oligopoly," Southern Economic Journal 67, 2, 2000, 414-26. 
   "Unionization, Vertical Markets and the Outsourcing of Multinational Corporations," Journal of International Economics 55 (2001) 187-202. 
  "Quantitative Trade Restrictions in Unionized Economies", Review of International Economics 9,1, 2001, 81-93. 
  “International Joint Ventures and the Environment,” Journal of International Economics 67, 2005, 221-40, with Kenzo  Abe. 
  “A Theory of the Mutual Migration of Polluting Firms,” Canadian Journal of Economics 38 (3), 2005, 900-18, with Zhihao Yu and Yoshiko Onuma. 
  “Global Outsourcing and Currency Devaluation,” Review of International Economics 14(2), 2006, 202-11, with Yuqing Xing. 
  “Child Labor and Globalization,” Journal of Labor Economics, 25(3), 2007, 553-80, with Elias Dinopoulos. 
  “Reverse Imports, Foreign Direct Investment and Exchange Rates,” Japan and the World Economy 20(2), 2008, 275-89, with Yuqing Xing. 
  “Unions and Foreign Direct Investment,” in Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy, Edited by Kenneth A. Reinert & Ramkishen S. Rajan, Amy Jocelyn Glass & Lewis S. Davis, Princeton University Press, November 2008. 
  “Corporate Control, Foreign Ownership Regulations and Technology Transfer,” Economic Record 85(269), 2009, 197-209, with Jota Ishikawa and Yoichi Sugita. 
  “Globalization, R&D and the iPod Cycle,” Journal of International Economics 77, 2009, 101-108, with Fuat Sener.
 “Aging, Transitional Dynamics, and Gains from Trade,” Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 33, 2009, 1531-1542, with Takumi Naito. 
  “International Labor Standards and North-South Competition,” The World Economy, 2009, 1091-1114. 
“Labor-Management Bargaining, Labor Standards and International Rivalry,” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 71, 2009, 259-272, with Jung Hur. 
  “Raising Wages to Deter Entry into Unionized Markets,” Japanese Economic Review 60(4), 2009, 435-445, with Shingo Ishiguro. 
  “Pollution Havens and Industrial Agglomeration,” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 58, 2009, 141-153, with Dao-Zhi Zeng. 
  “Profit Raising Entry,” Journal of Industrial Economics Volume LVII, 2009, with Arijit Mukherjee. 
  “Two-Way Outsourcing, International Migration, and Wage Inequality,” Southern Economic Journal 77(1), 161C180, 2010, with Morihiro Yomogida. 
“Competing to Invest in the Foreign Market,” Review of International Economics 18(3), 427C442, 2010, with Makoto Okamura. 
  “Globalization, Interregional and International Inequalities,” Journal of Urban Economics 67(3), 2010, 352-361, with Dao-Zhi Zeng. 
  “Commercial Policy and Foreign Ownership,” Review of International Economics 19(2), 300C312, 2011, with Jota Ishikawa and Yoichi Sugita. 
Edited Book
   International Trade and Economic Dynamics: Essays in Memory of Koji Shimomura, (co-edited with Takashi Kamihigashi), Heidelberg: Springer, December 2008.  
  Kojima Prize (Japanese International Economics Association), 2011 
  Nomura Foundation 1999 International Labor Organization, 2003 JSPS, 2000-2003, 2005-2007, 2007-2010 JCER, 2011 
Editorial Services
  International Economic Journal (Associate Editor), February 2009 C present 
Conference Organizer
  Globalization, International Trade and Economic Dynamics--in Memory of Koji Shimomura (co-organized with Takashi Kamihigashi), November 2007 
Annual Meetings of APTS (Asian-Pacific Trade Seminars), Kobe, July 2006 
Regular organizer of seminars and workshops related to international economics, IO and contract theory at RIEB, Kobe University 
Working Papers
 1.“Trade and Firm Heterogeneity In a Quality-Ladder Model of Growth,” R&R at Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, with Tetsu Haruyama.
 2. “Resource-Based Regions, the Dutch Disease and City Development,” with H. Takatsuka and D-Z. Zeng, R&R by JUE.
 3. “Environmentalism, Wind Direction and Outsourcing,” under submission, with Tetsu Haruyama.
 4. “Business Startup Modes and Growth under Contractual and Financial Risks,” under submission, with Colin Davis.
 5. “Tainted Food, Low Quality Goods and Trade,” with Jean Marie Viaene, under submission.
 6. “Incentives in Team Sequential Competition―A Model of Sports Relays.” 
Referee Services
  American Economic Review, Journal of International Economics, European Economic Review, International Economic Review, Economic Journal, Journal of Public Economics,
Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Law and Economics, Review of International Economics, Oxford Economic Papers, Economics & Politics, Canadian Journal of Economics, Japanese Economic Review, Journal of Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Southern Economic Journal, Journal of Economic Integration, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Review of Development Economics, Japan and the World Economy, Economica, China Economic Review, Pacific Economic Review, Economic Record, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

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