Yuan Honglin
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Yuan Honglin, born in August 1969 in Nindu, Jiangxi, is the dean, professor of the School of International Economics and Trade, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics(Hereinafter called JUFE), director of the Academic Committee of the School, and Master & Doctorial mentor. He is also a standing director of China World Economics Association, standing director of China Business Economics Association, standing director of Trade and Economy Teaching and Research Association of China Higher Education. In recent years, he has published about 20 academic papers in Academic Edition of Guangming Daily, International Trade, Economic Management, Contemporary Finance and Economy, Journal of The Central University Of Finance and Economics, etc., one of which was adopted and read in an annual conference of China World Economics. He has also published two academic works and compiled one textbook.

I. Education and Working Experience
1987-1991, studied at Jiangxi University (currently Nanchang University), Majoring in history, with a bachelor degree in history;
1991-1995, worked in the Department of Trade and Economics of JUFE, as political mentor and deputy party secretary of the League;
1995-1998, studied at JUFE, majoring in Business Economy with international trade as focus, with a master degree in economics;
2001-2004, studied at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, majoring in management with PhD degree in Management;
2006-2009, studied at the Postdoctoral Research Station of Applied Economics of JUFE, with a diploma of Post-doctorate;
2003-2009, worked as a deputy director at the MBA School of JUFE;
2009-up to present, worked as Director at the School of Trade and Economics of JUFE.

II. Courses Taught
Undergraduates: Introduction to Multi-national Corporation
Postgraduates: Multi-national Corporation and Foreign Direct Investment
MBA Students: Human Resource Management
PhD Candidates: International Enterprise System

III. Research Interests
International Trade, International Enterprise Management (Multi-national Corporation), Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

IV. Recent Publications
A. Academic Papers
1.Network Organization, an Organization Innovation of the Growth of Small Enterprises, Qiushi, June 3, 2005;
2. The Growth of Small Enterprise: Based on the Perspective of Organization Change, Enterprise Economy, Sept. 23, 2005;
3. A Collaborative Analysis of Jiangxi Industrial Structure and Human Resource Structure, Contemporary Finance and Economy, Dec.5, 2005;
4. Causes of Hi-tech Entrepreneurial Clusters, Journal of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Aug.10, 2006;
5. A Tentative Study on Hi-tech Enterprise Human Resource Clusters, Enterprise Economy, Jan. 15, 2007;
6. A Brief Discussion on Pleasure-oriented Management, Guangming Daily, July 15, 2007;
7. Strategic Alignment and Control of Growth Stage of Small Enterprises, Economic Management (New Management) June 10, 2008
8. An Analysis of The Influence and Countermeasures of The Fluctuation of International Oil Price on China’s Price Level, International Trade, July 1, 2011;
9. The Pathway and Countermeasure of the Upgrading of Sports Goods Industry from the Perspective of Global Value Chains, Jiangxi Social Science, Nov. 6, 2011;
10. Research on Current Situation and Countermeasures of Foreign Direct Investment in China, Journal of Theory, Jan. 19, 2012;
11. The Relevance between policies and Growth Environment of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China, Enterprise Economy, Feb.19, 2012;
12. The Matching Analysis of the Capability, Strategic Role and Board Arrangement of Overseas Corporations, Contemporary Finance and Economy, Feb.19, 2012;
13. Corporate Governance of our Overseas Subsidiaries in the mode of Global Value Networks, Economic Management, March, 19, 2012;
14. Tendency and Countermeasures of the Capitalization of Small Commodities in China, Modern Economic Research, June 19, 2012;
15. Countermeasures of Enhancing Market Forces of China’s Minerals, from Perspective of Government, Journal of China Central University of Finance and Economic, July 19, 2012.

B. Books:
1. Research on the Growth of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, China Finance and Economy Press, 2004;
2. Research on Supporting System of Improving Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Policies, Northeastern Finance and Economy Press, 2010.
3. Internationalization of Enterprise in the Post-risk Age: Opportunity and Challenge, China Commerce Press, 2010.

C. Projects Completed:
1. Comprehensive Accounting Research on Jiangxi Resources, Environment and Economy, Jiangxi Humanities and Social Science Project in Universities, 2005
2. The Construction of Enterprise Cluster and Jiangxi Industrial Park, Planning Project of Jiangxi Social Science, 2006
3. A Study on the Application of Statistic Software in the Assistant Instruction of Statistics Course, Teaching Reform Project of Jiangxi Higher Education, 2006
4. A Study on Financial Support Issues of Poverty Students in Case of Education Fairness, Jiangxi Education Scientific Planning, 2006
5. A Study on the Supporting System of Improving the Policies of the Development of SMEs, National Social Science Fund Project, 2009
6. A Study on Strategies of Wuning Economic Development, Wuning County Government, 2006
7. A Plan for the Industrial Development of Wanyi Industrial Corridor( 2006-2015), Yichun Municipal Government, 2006
8. A Study on Development Strategy of Human Resource of Nanchang Banknote Printing Plant, Nanchang Banknote Printing Plant, 2007
9. Strategies for the Development of Jiangxi Changyun (Group) Co. Ltd., Jiangxi Changyun (Group) Co. Ltd., 2010
10. Planning for Jiangxi WU YI Mountain Ecological Economic Development Experiment Plot, Jiangxi WU YI Mountain National Nature Protection Administration Burear, 2012
D. Projects under Research:
1. A Study on Venture Financing Construction of Jiangxi SMEs, Jiangxi Social Science Planning Project, 2010
2. A Study on Enhancing the Capability of Jiangxi SMEs to Absorb Labor Forces, Jiangxi Higher Education Humanity and Social Science Project, 2010
3. On the Upgrading of Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises in China, National Social Science Fund Project, 2011

V. Professional Affiliations:
Standing Director of China World Economics Society;
Member of Chinese Commercial Economics Society;
Standing Director of Trade and Economic Teaching and Research Committee of China Higher Education;
Expert in the Evaluation of China Postdoctoral Science Fund;
Expert in the Evaluation of Jiangxi Degree and Postgraduate Education;
Consultant of Shenzhen Jiangji Industrial Co., Ltd.

VI. Contact:
Phone: 0791-83816316(O)

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