Xu Tongsheng
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Personal Information:

Date of Birth: July 29, 1964

Sex:         Male

Place of Birth: Linchuan County, Jiangxi Province, China

Current Position: Chief Professor (Also Second Grade Professor) of School of International Trade & Economics, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (hereinafter JUFE, one of Top Five Finance & Economics University in China According to 2002) 168 Shuanggang Road, Jiaoqiao Campus, Xialuo, Nanchang, Jiangxi 330013, China.

Specialization:   International Trade and Economics

Current Research Interest: International Trade and Economic Development, Trade Cost, Environment and Trade .

Degree:  PHD. of NankaiUniversity, Major in International Trade

Academic Position:  Chief Professor of School of International Trade

Correspondence Address:  School of International Trade & Economics,

   JiangxiUniversity of Finance & Economics


168 Shuanggang Road
, Jiaoqiao Campus, Xialuo,

   Nanchang, 330013, P. R. China


Tel: +86 791 381 6581 (O), +86-13617088769(M)

Fax: +86 791 380 2645




         Post-Doctoral Research, Management Science and Engineering, Tongji University, 1999-2011.

         Ph.D. International Trade, Nankai University,1996-1999.

         M.D. Tourism Management, Nankai University,1990-1992

         Undergraduate. Mathematics. East China Institute of Technology, 1982-1985.


         2004- present: Chief Professor of International Trade & Economics,

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics.

         2000- present: Professor, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics.

         1997-2000: Associate Professor, JiangxiUniversity of Finance and Economics.

         1992-1997: Assistant Professor, JiangxiUniversity of Finance and Economics.

         1985-1989: Teaching Mathematics in Nanchang Middle Normal School, Jiangxi, China.



Teaching Experience

         Advanced Microeconomics,2006-2010

         Advanced International Trade ,2010-2014

         Intermediate Microeconomics,2002-2010

         International Economics, 1999-2014

         International Trade,1992-1996

         Intermediate Macroeconomics,2000-2002



Selected Journal Publications:

  • Xu Tongsheng, Zhang Yuqing. Impact of Trade Promotion Agencies on China’s Export Binary Marginal Growth. Journal of Contemporary Finance&Economics.2014 (2):86-95.

  • Liu Jian, Xu Tongsheng, Tu Yuanfen. Transportation Infrastructure, Local Protectionism and China’s Domestic Trade Cost. Journal of Contemporary Finance&Economics.2013 (9):87-99.

  • Xu Tongsheng, Hong Yong. The Research of Economic Cycle Synchronization of Chinese Provinces. Journal of Economic Science. 2013(9):58-69.

  • Xu Tongsheng, Hong Yong, Tu Yuanfen, Huang Xianming. The Measurement, Effects and Determinants of Chinese Interprovincial Trade Costs after Accession to the WTO. Journal of Economic Review.2013 (3):126-135.

  • Xu Tongsheng, Chen Wenting. The Influence of Trade Costs Component and Changes for China’s Export-Based on the Stochastic Frontier Analysis. Journal of Jiangxi Social Sciences.2013 (1):43-48.

  • Xu Tongsheng, Yin Gongli. The Research of the international comparison, problems and Countermeasures for China's foreign trade surplus. Journal of Intertrade.2012 (8):11-16.

  • Xu Tongsheng, Li Zhimeng, Tu Yuanfen, Yu Changlong. The Measurement of China’s Agricultural Trade Cost. Journal of Chinese Rural Economy.2012 (3):14-24.

  • Xu Tongsheng, Wan Zhaoquan, Tu Yuanfen, Liu Jian. An Estimation of the Impact of Intra-industry Trade On Employment Adjustment Costs in Manufactures between China and United States. Journal of Economic Perspectives.2012 (1):35-40.

  • Xu Tongsheng, Yin Gongli, Zhu Yongjun. An Empirical Analysis of the Sustainability of China Trade Surplus: Based on Unit Root and Co integration Verification of Endogenous Structural Mutation. Journal of Contemporary Finance&Economics.2012 (1):96-104.

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